What is a Nurse Injector Called? What Does a Nurse Injector Do?

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  As a nurse injector, high-stress work environments like the ER and ICU are a thing of the past! If you’re curious enough about the role of a nurse injector and are also interested in becoming one but don’t exactly know where to start, today’s your day. You’re in luck with finding this great read! Today, we will discuss what a nurse injector is, all the ins and outs of becoming one, and how you can potentially choose this job as your future career.

What are Nurse Injectors? What Do They Do?

Nurse injectors are RNs or APRNs who provide popular aesthetic beauty services like Botox neurotoxin injectables and numerous dermal fillers. There are particular duties this role entails, including: 

  • Consulting patients with details regarding various aesthetic options to achieve their desired outcomes
  • Giving referrals
  • Offering one-on-one individualized patient care plans
  • Performing neurotoxin and filler injections 
  • Performing different cosmetic treatments such as hair removal, chemical treatments, laser treatments
  • Providing information to patients with relevant knowledge about the procedure and potential side effects of the product being used
  • Providing follow-up care

What Does a Nurse Injector Do?

As nurse injectors, you administer injections to patients. As part of cosmetic dermal treatments, you educate patients about their diagnosis and treatment plan, discuss the benefits and risks of particular proposed treatment plans, explain their alternatives, and write prescription for patients.

Most nurse injectors often specialize in Botox treatments, although others also qualify to administer other injectable substances as part of a treatment plan. Based on the company, you may be asked to suggest or showcase retail products, ensure each treatment room is show ready, ensure the facility has enough supplies for each treatment, and answer any questions.

An injectable, cosmetic, or aesthetic nurse has several duties and roles. They usually work under a physician and are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assess recovery and determine if there are any adverse reactions to the current treatment course
  • Check the patient’s vital signs
  • Ensure a clean and sterile environment
  • Help patients understand the treatment, which includes what they can expect during and after the procedure
  • Manage situations where patients suddenly become unstable
  • Monitor a patient’s status during a procedure
  • Prepare equipment and area for the procedure
  • Record and assess a patient’s medical history before the procedure

How to Become a Nurse Injector

Qualifications for nurse injector jobs require an RN license in your state and specific training on one or more types of dermal injectables. Employers prefer applicants with experience and certification with various cosmetic treatment options, including lasers.

Being Registered Nurses involve the completion of study programs and passing national exams. Employers may also ask you to obtain and have CPR certification. This factor will ensure you provide emergency treatments that must also be determined, especially if something happens and goes wrong during procedures. Fulfilling a nurse injector’s duties and responsibilities requires customer service skills and adherence to HIPAA and OSHA guidelines.

What Experience/Credentials Do You Need?

Although some details will vary by state, the online job resource, RegisteredNursing.org, outlines some of the required experiences and credentials needed to pursue a fruitful career as a nurse injector. We’ve listed some of the requirements. Check them out:

  • Receive BSNs.
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN Examination.
  • Complete at least 1,000 hours under core competency specialties in the past two (2) years, although this factor may vary by state.
  • Have a 2-year minimum of nursing experience within the designated four (4) core competencies with board-certified physicians within core specialties such as plastic or aesthetic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, or facial plastic surgery. Again, this rule can vary by state. 
  • Must have an endorsement letter from the supervising core physician, endorsing the student’s application. It may again vary by state. 
  • Even though this last step is not always required, it can help immensely earn credentials through the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board.

What Does It Take to Be a Nurse Injector?

You have to spend at least two years of experience working in core competencies. If you seek to become a certified nurse injector, you must work with a board-certified physician specializing in aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, or ophthalmology.

Where Can Nurse Injectors Work? What is the Pay Like?

As an aesthetic nurse, nurse injectors have undergone high-stress work environments like the ER and ICU and can become a thing of the past! More often, you will be working in either plastic surgery or dermatology clinics within the private sector, with pay not being bad either! Most nurse injectors work at clinics and med spas, too! Check out local job openings to see for yourself where the majority work. Now, it still varies by location. 

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for nurse injectors go around $72,674. Wow! This salary depends upon personal and work credentials, along with your years of experience being a nurse injector.

Practice Restrictions

It can be very beneficial to understand your workplace’s restrictions and nursing scope of practice rights as a nurse injector; these rules vary state by state. 

For example, in Kentucky, RNs function as nurse injectors under the supervision of their respective seasoned APRN, a person who has worked with aesthetic medicine for at least four (4) years or more or under the MD mantle.

Furthermore, APRNs have the freedom to own and operate their aesthetic practice in Kentucky. In other states, only APRNs and MDs can perform injections. 

If you are actively searching for a nurse injector position, reviewing the certification requirements for credentialing purposes would be beneficial. Some states do not require certificates for injection, while others do. Remember it is important to remember that employers may also dictate this dilemma. 

If you are already in the field of aesthetic nursing, your product representatives are an excellent resource that can help you on your journey toward becoming a nurse injector! However, if you do not have a representative like this, you could always reach out to your board of nursing to determine your practice rights and restrictions.

The Bottomline

         Nurse injectors, also known as aesthetic or cosmetic nurses, are registered nurses who can provide services, both in the aesthetic and cosmetic sense, and their care to their patients. They have specialized training in services ranging from fillers, laser skin treatments, liposuction, tattoo removal, aesthetic surgery, and more.

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