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Savvy beauty and wellness was created to make luxury treatments such as IV Hydration, aesthetics and skin care accessible to everyone regardless of race or ethnicity. At Savvy Beauty and Wellness we specialize in medical aesthetic treatments such as Dysport, Filler, Microneedling, PDO threads, skincare and more. We believe that beauty is best served from the inside out. Client relationships are important to us that is why we provide custom treatment plans to our beauties together with our practitioner based on education and YOU in mind. Skip the bougie injectors and make the Savvy decision to come see US!
Christal Parker MSN, FNP-C

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leaves | Savvy Beauty and Wellness | Norco, CA
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CHRISTAL PARKER | Savvy Beauty and Wellness
leaves | Savvy Beauty and Wellness | Norco, CA

Christal Parker, MSN, FNP-C

Hey Beauty! My name is Christal Parker. I’m a board-certified family nurse practitioner with over 11 years of experience in the ER. I followed my passion and opened Savvy Beauty and Wellness to provide aesthetic services to ALL. As your beauty bestie, I will work beside you to fulfill your beauty wants and desires. My goal is to make you feel beautiful inside and out. There are no snobby attitudes here! At Savvy Beauty and Wellness, we promote a fun-loving environment to make everyone feel comfortable. So let your hair down, bring your beauty and wellness concerns, and let’s have fun!

leaves | Savvy Beauty and Wellness | Norco, CA

Christal Parker, MSN, FNP-C


Hello, I am Christal Parker MSN (Master of Science in Nursing), FNP-C (Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner) with over a decade of experience as an ER nurse. I have a special interest in treating athletic performers and their wellness and have discovered how IV Nutrient hydration can help in optimizing athletic performance while restoring optimal functioning at the cellular level.

My Approach & Philosophy

Savvy Beauty and Wellness was created for those who are not willing to accept less than 100%. We are here for those who are serious about their health and beating their personal records. At Savvy IV Hydration we take a holistic approach towards caring for our clients so that they can feel the benefit from the inside.

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