5 Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

5 Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones regulate many of the most fundamental functions of your body. They facilitate communication between individual cells inside an organism. Mood, appetite, immunity, growth, and sexual desire are all under their command. Consequently, a slight hormonal imbalance might have severe consequences for your health. People often turn to hormone replacement therapies to alleviate their symptoms […]

How Long Does It Take for Biote Hormone Pellet Therapy to Work?

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For starters, hormone pellet therapy is indeed a very effective treatment for hormone deficiencies. It treats menopause, low testosterone, and other conditions that affect your sex drive and fertility. However, it can take a while before you notice any treatment results. In this article, we’ll explain what to expect from Biote hormone pellet therapy and […]

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Hello, I am Christal Parker MSN (Master of Science in Nursing), FNP-C (Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner) with over a decade of experience as an ER nurse. I have a special interest in treating athletic performers and their wellness and have discovered how IV Nutrient hydration can help in optimizing athletic performance while restoring optimal functioning at the cellular level.

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Savvy Beauty and Wellness was created for those who are not willing to accept less than 100%. We are here for those who are serious about their health and beating their personal records. At Savvy IV Hydration we take a holistic approach towards caring for our clients so that they can feel the benefit from the inside.

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