5 Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

5 Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones regulate many of the most fundamental functions of your body. They facilitate communication between individual cells inside an organism.

Mood, appetite, immunity, growth, and sexual desire are all under their command. Consequently, a slight hormonal imbalance might have severe consequences for your health. People often turn to hormone replacement therapies to alleviate their symptoms when hormone levels drop or become unbalanced.

Bioidentical hormone replacement treatment (BHRT) has recently gained much popularity. One’s hormones will be balanced in a “natural” way. But what is BHRT, how is it different from other hormone replacement therapy, and what benefits does it offer? Information on BHRT is provided in full below.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is used to restore normal hormone levels in the body after they have fallen or become imbalanced. Menopause is a significant contributor to hormonal shifts.

Hormonal imbalance is associated with many distressing physical and mental manifestations. This is because hormones regulate a wide variety of functions throughout your body. Bone and tissue breakdown and other illnesses like osteoporosis result from abnormal levels.

In such cases, BHRT can be helpful. Hormones sourced from natural sources, like yams or soybeans, are used in this treatment method. Hormones extracted from animal urine are used in specific alternative treatments for hormone imbalance.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a therapeutic option that uses synthetic hormones with a molecular structure chemically similar to the patient’s hormones. The results are fewer unfavorable consequences and a more effortless adjustment.

Traditional Vs. Bioidentical

Bioidentical hormones are an example of synthetic hormone that is widely accessible. The bioidentical hormones are the closest to the body’s natural hormones. Because of their chemical similarity to hormones produced by the human body, these hormones are readily absorbed by the body. 

But don’t be fooled by the name. Commercialization and FDA approval of natural hormones require substantial processing before they can be sold to the public. For obvious reasons related to safety, it still needs to go through these steps.

Non-bioidentical hormones and pregnant mares’ urine are utilized to manufacture the hormones used in traditional HRT.

How BHRT Can Benefit Your Health

When coping with the distressing symptoms of menopause, hormone replacement treatment can be a lifesaver. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy’s benefits consist of the following:

1.) Behaves similarly to your body’s natural hormones

BHRT is the most natural way to balance your hormones. The medication can be manufactured in a laboratory to cater to your specific demands.

2.) Sexual experience will become more satisfying.

Dryness and discomfort in the vaginal area during sexual activity may result from decreased estrogen levels that naturally occur with age. The lining of your cervix deteriorates along with the rest of your body as you age. It can dry out and lose suppleness when estrogen levels decline. Because of this, you might not enjoy having sex or might even stop having it. Hormone replacement therapy that raises estrogen levels improves vaginal lubrication and stimulates the desire for sexual activity.

3.) Improves the health of your hair and nails

Hormonal shifts can cause concerns with your hair, nails, and bones, such as brittle nails and hair loss. Bioidentical hormones stimulate the body to produce more of its own proteins, such as collagen, resulting in a younger appearance and restored vigor of the hair and nails.

4.) Promotes higher-quality sleep

If your hormone levels aren’t balanced, it can wreak havoc on your sleep patterns. Lack of sleep can have psychological effects as well. Using bioidentical hormone replacement treatment helps balance your hormones, leading to enhanced sleep quality and a more positive disposition.

5.) Softens the effects of menopause

Decreased progesterone and estrogen levels can produce several unpleasant symptoms, including hot flashes, evening sweats, mood swings, and fatigue. To alleviate the distressing effects of menopause, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is used.

Consult With A Professional

Healthcare providers keep close tabs on patients undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. As early as possible and with as little medication as possible, reducing the effects of hormone fluctuations should be the ideal goal. 

During standard medical exams, hormone levels can be measured in the patient’s blood, urine, or saliva. Your doctor may adjust your BHRT dose based on your changing hormone needs.

Due to daily fluctuations, the FDA advises against basing bioidentical hormone dosages on women’s baseline hormone levels. As a result, you should prepare for a slew of tests.

Possible Risks

Hormone manipulation has the potential to affect health negatively. Several conditions have been linked to hormone replacement therapy.

  • chronic heart problems
  • breast cancer, although more often affects women than males
  •  blood clot-related strokes; gallbladder problems

That is only true of HRT; BHRT, too, has risks and side effects, especially at the outset when the body adjusts to the hormone. Some potential side effects of hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) include:

  • sudden shifts in emotion
  • Constant weariness
  • gaining weight and experiencing recurrent acne breakouts

Unfortunately, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is not practical for many people. Depending on the woman’s health history, there could be a wide range of outcomes and side effects. Before selecting whether or not to undergo hormone replacement therapy, discussing the pros and cons with your professional is essential.

Is it Worth It?

Some patients would benefit from them, yes. The results will vary based on your specific symptoms and health background. Inquire about the best bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for you with your doctor. In some situations, your doctor may urge you to forego bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in favor of more traditional hormone replacement techniques.

Those experiencing symptoms due to low or variable hormone levels may find BHRT the most effective treatment option. It would be best if you talked to your doctor about BHRT’s risks and side effects. Many women should forego hormone replacement therapy altogether when their doctor says so. When beginning BHRT, starting with the lowest effective dose is recommended.

You can contact Savvy Beauty and Wellness to set up a consultation before deciding on a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Using our services, you can trust our decisions and the best ways to implement them based on your needs. 

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