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Our Mission

Savvy beauty and wellness was created to make luxury treatments such as IV Hydration, aesthetics and skin care accessible to everyone regardless of race or ethnicity. At Savvy Beauty and Wellness we specialize in medical aesthetic treatments such as Dysport, Filler, Microneedling, PDO threads, skincare and more. We believe that beauty is best served from the inside out. Client relationships are important to us that is why we provide custom treatment plans to our beauties together with our practitioner based on education and YOU in mind. Skip the bougie injectors and make the Savvy decision to come see US!

Christal Parker MSN, FNP-C Co-Owner

Would You Benefit From Hydration Therapy?

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Are you a professional athlete?

Intense activities require the ability to maintain energy and stamina, but with excessive sweating and consequent loss of hydration it becomes impossible to sustain it. Oral supplementation may not be enough, as absorption rate of nutrients is not 100%.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Are you nursing an injury?

One of the most harrowing experience for a sportsman/woman is being injured and being away from the game. It not only costs precious time but also getting back to their earlier form is difficult.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Are you passionate about fitness?

Grueling workout regimens can not only leave you weary but without proper recovery and replenishment it may become challenging to continue. And if continued, most often the results are not as good.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Savvy Beauty and Wellness has a custom drip for you.

Services Offered

Savvy Beauty and Wellness has customizable IV hydration bags based on your goals. So choose one that fits your bill. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, SAVVY Beauty & Wellness can create the perfect cocktail specialized for your needs!

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

The Savvy Athlete

Are you the savvy athlete wishing to alleviate inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue, and stress? With 100% absorption, you’ll be meeting and exceeding those PRs in no time! Our Myers’ cocktail can also help manage the lingering symptoms of COVID-19.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Savvy Beauty

Fight acne, wrinkles and tired skin from the inside out. In order to keep your skin at its optimal health, you have to care for it from the inside out. Your body needs the proper nutrients to thrive. That’s what makes the beauty drip so amazing. It gives you your glow back in minutes. Have a special event where you want to look your ultimate best? This is the trip for you! Pro tip: add a glutathione injection for the ultimate antioxidant power punch!

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

The Savvy Performer

Got a competition or race coming up? Or do you simply need rehydration and energy? This IV Drip is packed with nutrients and vitamins formulated to give you immediate results.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Savvy Saline

Feeling dehydrated, sluggish or lacking the energy to do even your regular jobs? Consider the Savvy Saline, it will get you on your feet in no time.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Savvy Zen

Health and wellness have never been so easy to maintain until now. Try the Savvy Zen for a well-rounded wellness.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Savvy Recovery

Make the savvy decision and relieve that hangover with our custom hangover relief drip. This drip will take you from nauseous and fatigued to running a marathon in under an hour!

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Savvy & Slim

Tried everything but still not able to meet your weight loss goals? Try the Savvy and Slim, with 100% absorption, this formula helps kick start and maintain your weight loss goals.

Savvy Immunity

Maximize your immune response so you can keep working and playing hard. Don’t let illness keep you from enjoying life! This drip contains lots of vitamin C and zinc, both key to your  body’s detox and natural defense systems.

Shot Bar Add-ons​

Check out our shot bar menu for quick injections that can be added to any drip. Add on cost are $35.

Follow our 3 steps to get to your optimal self, in under an hour.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Step 1

Set up an appointment with us.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Step 2

We will visit you, whether at home or workplace.

Savvy Beauty and Wellness

Step 3

Sit back and relax and enjoy a hassle-free drip session and get ready to beat your next personal record!

Ask us about our VIP Membership package!

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